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I have a business, or company if you will. I realize a company is in business to make money and the more it makes, the more it will grow. I also realize my company will never grow enough to be a “big” business, and that’s okay with me. I realize this because I have experience working for small, medium, and large companies.

In fact, when not working in my own company, I am currently working a W-2 job for a large company and I know that large company doesn’t give a damn about me, my feelings, or my family. They have proven that to me many times. Oh they pretend, and they go as far as producing propaganda proudly explaining how they care about their employees, but I’m intelligent enough to  know they really don’t care about me (or any other employee) personally. That’s why I know I’ll never run a large company; I care too much about people.

I recently changed my LinkedIn Profile Summary to this – “Everything I do is to help people get through life a little easier…” Feel free to go to my LinkedIn page to read the rest. My point that I wanted to say here is that I (individually) and WE (as a company) do whatever we can to help as many people as we can, in many different ways. That has always been and will always be my personal philosophy in my life and work.

I think this world is difficult enough to get through. If I can help someone make it from one moment to the next a little happier, a little less stressed, a little more knowledgeable, or maybe even grateful just to make it to that next moment, I’ll be happy. If I can take them even beyond the one moment, that would even be better.

That’s why I do what some people consider weird abstract art. My purpose is to make it weird enough for you to look at it longer to try to figure out, but pleasurable enough to enjoy it for as long as possible.

We now buy houses and apartments to help people. We started that to help people going through difficult financial times so we could help them before the bank just takes their house from them. We buy houses and apartments so we can help people by offering more affordable housing than someone might find in that same area, or maybe better amenities for a better price.

We also make things and resell donated or discounted things we’ve purchased in an attempt to raise money to use to buy things that people need, or just give cash directly to people if that is needed more. We may start a non-profit or foundation someday, but we don’t want red tape or administrative costs getting in the way or reducing the giving.

If you know anyone who needs help in any way, please either tell them to get in touch with us or let us know about them. Preferably the latter, because most people don’t want to ask strangers for help.

Ty and Team

Ty Team Holdings
mail (AT) tyteamholdings.com
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As I said in my post “PROVIDING AFFORDABLE HOUSING IN MASSACHUSETTS,” Banks want you to give them a down payment of 20% of the value of the home to give you a loan for the other 80%. On the average home in Massachusetts, that comes to OVER $75,000.

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BUY A HOUSE FOR ONLY A $10,000 - $20,000 DOWN PAYMENT INSTEAD? We can make that happen.

I also mentioned that banks want you to have a good credit score, preferably over 650, and the higher, the better.


Don’t get us wrong, we do have some requirements. You have to have some sort of income and you have to have good enough credit to be able to satisfy a bank’s loan requirements in a year or two. But for only a down payment of 5% instead of the bank’s 20% and rent less than the going rental price for the same place in the area, you can be a home OWNER instead of renter.

Why pay rent and throw your money away without owning your home? For less than the price of rent, you can own. If you have trouble saving enough for a down payment to buy your own home, no problem; you only need a third of what the bank wants for a down payment with us, which you can later apply to the 20% down that a bank requires.

Right now we are busy enough trying to help people in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Join our mailing list to find out when we expand beyond that.

If you would like to quit wasting money on rent and OWN YOUR HOUSE, just fill out the form below to get more information.

    Fill This Out - Rent To Own Your Home

    Credit Score does NOT matter. Having an income does.
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​I heard someone say, all you have to do to start a business is find a need and fill that need. What do people need?

I believe one thing people need is an affordable housing solution. I came to this conclusion after life circumstances came and smacked me in the face. I have gone through a lot in the last 5 – 10 years. I have recovered somewhat from most of it, but I found myself in that growing population of lower-middle class, struggling to survive. Our income is higher than poverty level and we have some smarts and energy, but society and politics has made it a struggle to live the life we dream. Even though we work long and hard, the salaries for us working class do not adequately keep pace with our American dream. Let’s take home ownership for one example.

Banks want you to have a high credit score AND 20% down payment just to get a loan to buy a house. The state wide average house price in Massachusetts right now is $378,800, and it’s a lot more ridiculous in some towns. That means to buy the average house, a bank would want you to give them $75,760 as a down payment (20% of $378,800). Who has over $75,000 laying around? It takes a long time to save that kind of money when you only make $20-30,000 a year! If you haven’t learned how to invest, (which they don’t teach in school), forget it. Ok, you might be able to get away with less at some banks, but then you would need to buy more insurance to cover that less amount. On top of that, your monthly payment would be over $1,900. Besides mortgage and homeowners insurance, if you did have enough for a down payment, you would still have moving expenses, settling in costs, any repairs needed, and of course all the unexpected expenses.

If you couldn’t afford all that to buy a house, then you have to rent. Unfortunately, the median rent price in Massachusetts is currently $2,500 per month. Again, it will vary depending on what town you are in, size, age, and amenities of the place. I am always surprised if I ever see an apartment listed for less than $1,000 in my area. That would usually be a small, one bedroom place in a very dumpy neighborhood where I would not want to live. If you have a spouse or any kids, you will need more room and it will cost you a lot more, especially if you want to be near any decent schools, towns, or neighborhoods. Then to rent, many places want a deposit along with first and last month’s rent, so you are looking at around $5,000 just to rent someplace. I never liked renting because I consider it equivalent to flushing money down the toilet. $2,500 a month comes out to $30,000 a year. That’s a lot of money to flush away and be left with nothing to show for it. I have a better solution.

IF YOU WANT TO BUY A HOUSE - We can help you purchase, as in BUY your own home WITHOUT the crazy high 20% down payment. I can help you BUY a house for LESS than what you would pay for rent.

IF YOU WANT TO SELL A HOUSE – We can help you sell your house fast and cheap, without paying realtor fees and repairs.

How I can do either would take too long to explain here. DO ONE OF THESE:
  • Call me RIGHT NOW to find out (at 978-206-1074). If you can’t call,
  • send an email (at mail (at) tyteamholdings.com), or
  • fill out the form below. Do NOT wait, or it may be too late. Do it now!

As I said in the beginning, I believe lower income people need more affordable housing solutions. I want to provide that affordable housing, whether it’s to purchase or rent. I want to buy houses, mobile homes, and apartments at the right price so I can either resell them for less than every other one for sale or rent them out for less than the average rental amount. People who are not rich have a need for affordable housing and I have a need to help those people as much as I can. If you can help me help them, it would be very much appreciated.

If you want to sell your home or you know anyone who may want to sell a house in either Massachusetts or New Hampshire, please let me know.

I will even pay you up to $500 to let me know about a house that might be for sale. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

    Contact Us To BUY or SELL Your House

<![CDATA[Earn Easy cash being a Ty Team Scout]]>Sun, 02 Jul 2017 01:00:00 GMThttp://tyteamholdings.com/blog/earn-easy-cash-being-a-ty-team-scoutPut simply – A Ty Team Scout is someone who scouts properties for Ty Team Holdings to buy.

Ty Team Holdings LLC buys houses in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We prefer to help people who need to get out of a mortgage (for whatever reason) before the bank takes their house from them, but we understand the difficulty of admitting such a circumstance and then doing something about it before it’s too late. We know because we’ve been there. 

Besides a need to get out of a mortgage, some people just want to sell their house and move somewhere else. We also buy those houses, and we pay a fair price competitive in the market without the need to repair, clean, or pay fees and other typical expenses. 

We are a small, “Mom & Pop” team, so no matter which way someone wants to sell a house, we hire scouts to help us find them. We compensate scouts in various ways such as with cash, gift cards, or bartered services.

If you would like to be a scout for us and make some fast, easy money without working hard for it, contact us for more details. 

We pay up to $500 cash for a property. Anyone who brings us a deal we purchase is eligible to collect this if agreed on in advance. That means even a home owner could get a $500 cash discount at closing just by selling us their house.

To apply or hear more, call or send a note.

mail (at) tyteamholdings.com
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I used to hate that I can’t lie. Really. It used to piss me off being so damn honest. But eventually, I gave up and just got used to it. Oh, I can joke, fib (with a laugh), and tell a fictional story, but when it comes right down to truth or non-truth, truth always wins out with me; just like fairness. Truth and fairness are a couple moral traits I have.

I have also been told I am sort of smart, at least compared to some people. I don’t really agree with that, but I will admit that I am at least smart enough to know this truth - God has put me here to help those who need my help. God has given me certain talents and abilities to use for helping people. Besides an analytical mind, I have what is known as a kind heart. I am not bragging, I don’t even like to admit it, but it is there and I don’t lie.

I’m not going to explain all the details and tell you the whole story right now, nobody has time for that. What I wanted to tell you is that one of the ways I help others now is by helping people who are having financial difficulties and want or need to get out of a mortgage they no longer want to be in. I can help with that.

I can help people with financial difficulties because I have had them myself and I have learned what to do. I am smart enough to figure some things out, I am truthful enough to share what I have learned, and I am fair enough to give the information to anyone who wants it.

I am here to help whomever needs me. Is that you? I don’t know without you telling me. All you have to do is tell me some things and ask for my help. I am a messenger of God, but I am not a mind reader. I don’t know you need my help unless you tell me. If I am able, I will help you.

With the help of a team, I started a business to help people called Ty Team Holdings LLC. It is a company that does residential rehabilitation and rentals. We purchase houses from people who need (or want) to get out of a mortgage. We PAY CASH FOR HOUSES, CLOSE QUICKLY so people can get on with life without stress, and we SAVE THEM the costs of selling their house. If needed, we fix the house up and resell it or we rent to people who can’t afford to buy.

Do we make money? We will someday, but honestly, not yet (as of this writing). Being a business, we hope to make money so we can use it for good. As soon as we are able, we will be giving a portion of our profits back to help people in need, which could end up being the very people we are buying a house from or renting one to (you never know).

We would appreciate you spreading the word and letting people know about us if you know anyone who may need us so we can get on with our mission of helping others quicker.
<![CDATA[Ty's Real estate investing Book review]]>Tue, 07 Mar 2017 23:34:08 GMThttp://tyteamholdings.com/blog/book-review-business-of-flipping-homesThe Business of Flipping Homes
By William Bronchick and Robert Dahlstrom
Benbella Books, 2017
ISBN 978-194295277-0
Retail Price: $19.95 in Quality Paperback, $12.99 Kindle edition

This is a great book for beginners, or “newbies” to the flipping business. I’d say it’s even got some good, helpful info for the intermediate flipper. If you are already experience and have been doing it for 5 years or more, I would hope you already know the information in it.
There are some aspects to flipping that might be easy for certain people, but there are many pieces to building a business of flipping houses, from setting up an entity to marketing, to exact steps in how to rehab a house, to selling it, to dealing with tax issues. This book covers it all in an easy to read format. It has lots of great info and makes you feel motivated and ready by the time you’re done with it (or before you are done).  
You know how you watch videos or listen to podcasts about real estate investing or flipping houses and the person offers the disclaimer, “I’m not a lawyer, so you should seek legal advice before believing what I’m telling you?” Well, Bill Bronchick IS a lawyer, so he doesn’t give you the disclaimer, he gives you the good, legal advice.
I loved all the legal stuff and especially all the samples in the appendixes from business cards, to emails, to contracts, to marketing materials, to foreclosure information by state. Very helpful info!
If you are new or just considering getting into house flipping, do not hesitate, just buy it. If you’ve been doing it for a while, you still may want to look at it to see if you can learn something.

Ty's Disclaimer: I did not get paid for this review and did not get a free copy of the book to review. I purchased it with my own hard-earned money (and am happy I did).
This books gets a 4 Tie rating by Ty
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​According to my realtor’s latest flyer, the average list price for houses selling in my Massachusetts town is $593,458, with some listed up near a million. The towns in all directions around us are in the same range and it gets even more expensive as you get closer to Boston. Needless to say, it's a very difficult place to start investing in real estate when you have no money.

Keeping that environment in mind, I went to a free real estate training seminar the other day and met a guy who claimed he was a real estate investor. He said he just started about 9 months ago. I asked what his main focus was, and he told me "flipping houses." I asked how many he’s done, so that I could next ask how they went. To my surprise, his answer was that he had not been able to find any good deals to buy yet. NOT ONE!

That means, even though this guy claimed to be an investor in real estate, he really didn’t even start yet. That’s okay, I know getting your mind in the right place is one of the beginning steps, and it’s also a good idea to educate yourself first to hopefully avoid costly mistakes when you're talking about such large purchases. I did not mind his claim, because I am in pretty much the same place myself. The difference is that I will only admit to “trying to get into” real estate investing, not that I already am.

My loving, supportive wife says this should be no problem for me because I’m smart, creative, persistent, think out of the box, and best of all, have God on my side. She knows me well enough and has seen the proof. I try and try and keep trying on my own and then when I get to the point when I need God’s help, I simply ask and it quickly comes. Sometimes it comes so quick, I am slightly embarrassed with how easy it is. Sometimes I think I didn’t try hard enough and gave up and asked for help too soon. My wife says that’s not so, and I should ask more often about more things. We tend to have that “difference of opinion discussion” occasionally.

I used to think it was dumb luck when things happened so simply, but when certain things happen to you a certain way, you know it’s something else. We have now gotten to the point where let’s say we’re looking for something important that we can’t find. Both of us search and search for weeks and just can’t find it. When I finally give up, I say, “Okay, I give up. Let me just ask for help.” I say a quick prayer and ask God and BAM, it suddenly appears right before me, even though I’ve been looking for weeks and could have sworn I already looked there. This is no coincidence; it has happened many times. My wife says because God is always with us and there to help, but first you must ask.

That’s why we both believe everything happens for a reason – because God is there making it happen. Take for example when my business cards came in for my new business in real estate investing (that I’m trying to get into). I handed out only 2 cards that first day I had them. I explained that the tag line “Helping With Home Solutions” means a variety of ways we help people up to and including buying houses if people want or need to sell for whatever reason. The first person I gave a card to went home and talked it over with her husband and came back to me the following day to ask if I wanted to buy her house. Coincidence? I don’t think so, and my wife certainly doesn’t think so, which is why she says, “I got this.” 

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<![CDATA[tY TEAM IS here to help WITH YOUR HOME]]>Sat, 18 Feb 2017 05:00:00 GMThttp://tyteamholdings.com/blog/ty-team-is-here-to-help-with-your-home
Our tag line for Ty Team Holdings is “Helping With Home Solutions.” That covers a wide area, but the key words there are HELP and HOME. We can help with your home in many ways, from decorating to remodeling, to buying or selling it.
For various reasons, people occasionally need to sell their home. Although we have realtors on our team that can do that for you, we prefer the new way of selling your home. Let’s call it “the Ty Team” way.


A realtor will want you to clean, declutter, repair, stage, and prepare your home and then invade your privacy by posting photos and descriptions of your home, then dragging countless people through (usually during dinner time) to look at it and point out everything they think is wrong or that they would change.  IF the realtor should be lucky enough to sell it for you, the whole processes will cost you time, stress, and about 20 to 30% less than it is worth. For more detail of the high costs of selling a house, see our post on our website at https://tyteamholdings.com/blog/the-high-cost-of-selling-your-home.


The Ty Team way of selling your home is that we give you a fair price we are all happy with (that's called a win-win for everyone).
We pay cash, you get to choose when to close.
We pay ALL the closing costs, saving you thousands.
But the best part is that we buy it AS IS. 
That means you get to move only what you want and just leave your trash and whatever you don’t want to move. You do NOT need to repair anything and you certainly don’t need to clean anything. As we said, we buy houses AS IS, so there’s no stress, no hassle to you. All you do is walk away with the cash.
If you don’t want to sell your home and would rather just fix or decorate it, we may be able to help with that also. Just give us a call to find out.
If you know anyone who could use our services, please pass along our information to them.
If you want to keep in touch, Like, Friend, or just visit us online, you can find us here –


R. Ty DuBrell
PO Box 142
Littleton, MA  01460
(978) 206-1074
mail (at) tyteamholdings.com
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So you bought a home a long time ago and now, for whatever reason, you’re thinking about selling it and wondering what’s involved. You’re wondering how much of a hassle it’s going to be (stress and time) and how much it’s going to cost you to sell it. That’s right, even though you are selling, there is a cost. The higher that cost is, the more it will eat into your profit.

​Below are a few of the costs that could go into selling your house.

Although commissions can sometimes be negotiated, they usually range from 6 to 10%. That’s right, I know one agent in Massachusetts that charges 10% to sell your house. Let’s say you find a normal one and only have to pay 6% commission. As of February 2017, the average house in Massachusetts is selling for $365,000. If you had that average house selling for that, you would right away hand over $21,900 to the realtor. That alone is why some people try selling their house without an agent. You have to weigh all the factors and I’m not going to get into whether or not that is a good idea with this post.

You might have been putting off doing some work on the house and would need to get certain things done if you want to sell it. Some repairs might be minor, some might be major and costly. At the very least, you should do some minor “fix up” things such as painting, changing cabinet knobs, fixing leaky faucets, tightening things, de-cluttering and cleaning, minor landscaping. If there are major repairs to do, you could always try offering a discount for it instead of doing the repair. Sometimes it’s better to just fix it, sometimes it’s better to wait and see if the buyer notices; it all depends on what it is and how major it is. I think a good average to plan for can run anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000, depending on the extent of the repairs and value of the property.

This may vary depending on the type of loan, the bank, and the loan amount. Some mortgages have a prepayment penalty, some will have prorated interest until the closing day.

Any neighborhood fees such as HOA or transfer taxes.

Capital gains taxes if you make a profit by selling your home. Currently, long term capital gains depend on your tax bracket, but usually range from 15 to 20%. So IF you made a profit of $100,000 after all these expenses mentioned, you would be giving $20,000 of that back to the IRS for taxes. Besides gains tax, you may also have to pay property taxes, depending on when you sell.  

A home warranty for potential buyers is an optional expense, but sometimes helps sell a house. If you get one, that could add another $500 to the selling cost.

You may need a termite inspection and fix, fire inspection and new alarms, and things like that.

You may have to pay some or all of the closing costs, depending on the negotiation.

There’s moving and/or cleanout costs, which will depend on how much stuff you have, how much you want to keep, and how far you have to move it.

There’s the costs of purchasing a new home or even renting if you have to pay first and last month’s rent, a security deposit, application fee, HOA fees, etc.


To sum it all up, the average cost to sell a house is usually between 30% to 50% when you factor in everything. That means after all that trouble, all that time, all that hassle and headache, and phone calls, and cleaning, and repairing, and taxes, you’re only going to end up with half the amount. Is it really worth it?
That's why real estate investors like Ty Team Holdings have become so popular. Ty Team Holdings can take a lot of the hassle, stress, and time out of selling your house. You may not get the full amount for your house that a realtor would list it for, but there’s no guarantee that you would get that amount anyway, it’s just a listed amount and a hope. You might actually get more using Ty Team Holdings than what you would get after all the typical costs.

If you sell your house to a real estate company such as Ty Team Holdings, you would get a price that you would be happy with and a quicker, stress free closing. That’s right, you can close on your schedule, whenever you want and GET CASH within days.
Sell your house with NO STRESS. It’s a whole new way of selling your house.
Sell your house with no costs, commissions, fees, or taxes mentioned above.

We pay cash for your house that you need fast.
There is no need to repair or clean anything.
We’ll buy your house just like it is.
You can even leave whatever stuff you don’t want anymore.
Just move what you want, and leave the rest behind with your stress.


To sum up your solution: You will get a price you are happy with for your house without fixing or cleaning anything (or you don’t have to sell it). You get cash – and fast. You pick when to close – and WE pay all the closing costs. You move only what you want and leave anything else, including all your trash. If you want, we could even help you move.

If this sounds like an interesting solution to you, CONTACT US now to find out more.
Call 978-206-1074 or Email mail (at) tyteamholdings.com.

<![CDATA[want or need - we buy houses]]>Fri, 20 Jan 2017 18:00:00 GMThttp://tyteamholdings.com/blog/want-or-need-we-buy-houses
We buy houses whether you want to sell your house in a much simpler and less stress way than the conventional way of using a realtor or you need to sell your house before the bank takes it from you and ruins your credit for a long time.

​We started Ty Team Holdings to help home owners who are having financial difficulties. Unfortunately, the IRS does not have an occupation designation for “people helper,” so we had to choose something else. We chose “Real Estate Investing” because WE BUY HOUSES and they understand that, but we do so much more than that.

We focus more on the “helping people” part and less on the making money part. Yes, we are in business and it would be nice if we made money so we could stay in business and help more people, so if you want to sell us your house just because you don’t want it anymore, we will consider it.

If you NEED to sell us your house because you can no longer afford it, we will do more than just consider it. First we will need to find out why you need to sell your house and see if there is any way to help you so you do not have to sell it (unless you wanted to). Everybody and every situation is unique and we try to find the best solution for everyone, whatever it is. The best thing to do start by CONTACTING US.

We started this business of helping people because we’ve been there ourselves and we know what it’s like to be in a difficult situation. If you know anyone else who may need us, please pass along our info. All calls are confidential. Call us today.

Ty and Team
Ty (at) tyteamholdings.com